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The Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation, Inc

Christopher Johnson McCandless, left this world in August of 1992 in an abandoned bus located on the remote Stampede Trail near Denali, Alaska. This bus, which Chris called home for a short period of time, marked the tragic end to an otherwise adventurous, joyous and very human personal two-year journey. A trek only the bold of heart would have undertaken. Covering the vast wilderness between the Sea of Cortez and his summit destination, Alaska, Chris was guided from within towards his dream. Along the way, this sojourner touched the hearts and souls of many, which one may chose to believe was his ultimate purpose. Leaving a lasting impression, which altered the course of lives, he continues to pull at the heart strings of those he will never know.

At the time of his passing, his parents, Billie and Walt McCandless, created a charitable trust called the Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Fund whose purpose was to distribute assets to charities and individuals in Christopher’s memory. From 1992 until the present, Christopher’s parents have managed and distributed the assets in the memorial fund and the successive Foundation (2006) without personal benefit.   Read More...

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